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Water / Wastewater

New Date

2-5 September 2024


Coimbra, Portugal

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Why Portugal

Portugal has taken an active stance in tackling an increasing water scarcity and its related issues. The government – on national, provincial and municipal levels – has begun to roll out considerable investments into the water and wastewater infrastructure to equip the country to mitigate the effects of droughts, water shortage and climate change all the while demand and consumption are increasing. In doing so, Portugal will not only become more resilient – in many ways it is also leading the way among southern European states facing similar issues.


Facilities and solutions for water treatment, (rain)water reuse, sludge treatment, desalination

Optimization for resource management and infrastructure, including pumps, measurement and control technologies, loss reduction and leakage detection

(Smart) distribution systems, system management, monitoring of water quality

Consulting, maintenance and service

Portugal is home to a number of high-quality companies and industry leaders in the water and wastewater sector. The tasks at hand, however, necessitates international cooperation. German companies with their expertise and know-how can become a crucial partner to Portugal in successfully modernizing its water and wastewater infrastructure.

How can you partake?

The German Delegation will arrive 2 September and depart 5 September. Both 3 and 4 September we will be hosting our meetings near Coimbra.

Preliminary Agenda of the Delegation Meetup

Welcome and Overview of the German-Portuguese economic Relations by the Head of the Economic Department of the German Embassy

Welcome and Concept Presentation

Opening Round Table and Participant Presentations

Joint Get-Together

Opening and Feedback Round

Bilateral Technical Consultations

Product Presentations and Demonstrations


Our deliverables


Selection of partners in the destination country

Planning of the schedule

Accompanying the event


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Baran Ercan

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Benedikt van den Woldenberg

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